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Bible Centre: International Training Institute

Bible Centre International Training Institute


Bible Centre International Training Institute has the vision to equip God’s people through education and training to serve Him more effectively.

Bible Centre ITI is a Christian Distance Learning Bible School established in January 2008 as a result of the three-year consultation between, the Biblia Centrum (Dömös, Hungary), the Bibelschule Wiedenest, Tilsley College (GLO) and the Philadelphia Trust.

Its purpose is to provide distance learning education and training of a high standard to benefit individuals and fellowships in their Christian service. The training will be particularly focused on the needs of Central and Eastern Europeans. Initially the training will be delivered in English and Hungarian and students will be expected to be proficient in one of those languages.

Bible Centre ITI wants

  • To encourage Christians from Central and Eastern Europe to be trained and work for the Lord in their home areas.
  • To provide training that is culturally sensitive.
  • To prepare Christians in Central and Eastern Europe for Mission.
  • To provide a course that is not prohibitively expensive.
  • To discourage the western migration.

The course is a planned distance learning programme, which requires the students to attend lectures at an annual introductory week, on 6 weekends per year and follow a distance learning programme involving studies via the internet, directed reading and the completion of assignments. Initially all courses will be held at the Bible Centre, Dömös, Hungary.

It is our intention to encourage students with different overall needs to find an answer to those needs in the Bible Centre International Training Institute. Those whose need is essentially practical i.e. a worker in prisons, or with children will have a course designed to meet those needs. Those whose needs are specifically academic will have course designed in such a way as to allow them to prepare for more advanced studies either at the Bible Centre International Training Institute, Dömös or at another institution.

Mentoring is a key concept of the Bible Centre International Training Institute, Dömös. Every student will have a trained mentor from their local area that will encourage, council and assist the student in their programme.